See you next semester!

Alright ladies and gents(if you’re reading), this has been one crazy first year for me.

Last night was Fire and Water, a freshman tradition and it was one of the highlights of this year. All the freshman class has a dinner and we celebrate our accomplishments. Then we have the special ceremony in which we burn any bad memories from this semester and put all the good things in the water and let them float. It was really an eye opening event for me, I feel like my freshman year has just begun and already it has ended. On the upside,  I’ve meet some pretty crazy awesome gals and made friendships that will definitely last a lifetime :D. I’ve said some goodbyes, grew up a little more and learned the importance of sleeping on a regular basis ;). Other than that, all I have to say is this freshman year was more than I ever expected! I can’t wait for next semester to start, let the pranking wars begin!!!!wooooo!!! p.s. I’ll tell what that means next semester ;).

Signing off for a couple months :'( but no worries lovelies, I shall return in the fall!

Until then, hasta luego!

Meredith Hues Hues Hues!!

Excitement!! yes I am known to express my happiness with words :). Meredith has an annual Student Achievement Day and I got to experience it as a freshman- in the front seat! Being in Meredith Hues means I get to go to all kinds of fun places and meet all kinds of groovy people but that’s not all- I get to broadcast my experiences to visitors on Student Achievement Day. F.Y.I Student Achievement Day is all about celebrating the hard work of all the Angels :). So yes it was an awesome time to be had by all and I was very happy to give a little blurb about myself and my experience in Meredith Hues this year. I am so glad that I had the amazing opportunity to join Meredith Hues and I do still have my fingers crossed for an  officer position! Wish me lots of luck!

Interested in Meredith Hues? Of course you are, check out the link  below to learn more about this fun and exciting program!

Meredith Hues Hues Hues!! —> take a peek ;)


Christina OUT!

The Meredith Hues Program

The Hues Program at Meredith has been a wonderful experience for me in my first year of college. I’ve gotten to do so much and meet so many new and interesting people! The event I’m sure that I’ll remember is the awesome college fair I went to in Durham. I got the chance to mingle with other colleges and talk to excited young girls- who were just like me trying to figure out what college suited them best. I really loved being able to tell my story and explain what about Meredith caught my eye. It was even more exciting because I got to debunk some of their assumptions about a Women’s college. Yes, I know what males are and yes they do exist on our campus from time to time :). Now that sophomore year is just around the corner, I recently applied for an officer position  and really hope I get one! I’d love to really be able to be even more involved in the goings on of Meredith Hues. So wish me luck!

if you’d like to learn more about the Meredith Hues Program, feel free to shoot an email over to our Director Anna Buryk at!

Until next time, I am out of here!

Second place isn’t so bad…

The results are in and we won second place but, that’s not bad we each got a $10gift card to the Quail Book Store. I count that as a win. It wasn’t just about winning for me though, it was about the experience and it was totally worth it!

Link to the video

I had a bunch of fun working with a bunch of theater majors (I secretly felt way out-of-place) but it was fun none the less. Feel free to tell me what you think and check out the other winners too their videos are pretty awesome!

Until next time!

Finalists in the Meredith Library Contest!!!

In my puppetry class, yes we have those here, for our midterm we had to make a puppet and create a story for it. After that we had to make a short video and present it to the class. But as a fun alternative, Professor Catherine Rodgers, told us we could enter a skit into the Library contest. The contest told you to make an 8 minute video adaptation of your favorite book as a child. The entire class brainstormed and we all decided to do the classic children’s story “Rainbow Fish” .  The book actually covers a lot of ground for the young sponge-like brains of children; it taught the important rule of sharing. The next step was picking characters I was the starfish and I will not be offended if you don’t remember the starfish. It had one line:

 “I can’t answer that for you,” said the starfish. “But if you go beyond the coral
reef to a deep cave you will find the wise octopus. Maybe she can help you.”  

So it wasn’t the coolest character or the most lines but i still had a bunch of fun making the movie. Especially since I got my 6 seconds of fame and the chance to win the grand prize!

Fingers crossed!

What Meredith College is doing for me

me dancing in the rain in front of Johnson Hall

Something I wish I had when I first decided to go to college? a bright idea. I was a mess- I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career and to top it off  I was sort of a quite girl. I found it really hard to speak my mind especially when I wasn’t sure everyone would listen. But when I stumbled upon Meredith a lot of things changed for me. I’m still not 100% (more like 80%)  sure what I want to do for a career but with some of the options here I have definitely got a top ten list and my future is taking shape. So far Meredith has taught me a lot of things, I found my voice thanks to strength I’ve gotten from my fellow Angels.  I stand a little straighter and look people in the eyes; the Professors here have slowly taught me the importance of eye contact. I’ve also learned the importance of hard work and teamwork too- life is easier when great friends have your back :).This is the reason why I love Meredith so much- it has given me the wings to take flight and experience the world as it comes.  … continue reading this entry.

Hey everyone, My name is Christina

Hey everyone, My name is Christina and i was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. i moved to Charlotte, NC when i was 15 and have been living it up in Raleigh since last summer. so far i have not picked a major, i am far too indecisive to make up my mind just yet; seeing as there are so many awesome things to study at Meredith. In fact that is one of the many reasons why i choose Meredith, it’s a fun and friendly place and it has a large amount of options to dive into and study. i also choose Meredith because everyone here is so friendly, i felt right at home when i stepped on campus. this semester i have a full plate of classes and am really starting to love psychology (shout out to Dr. Morris) and it may be my major one day. but then again it’s only one part of the many programs that interest me here. :) 


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